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Server update

Palmo a posted Dec 12, 11
We have officially been imported into the game. Our server is Davik's Estate, when you log into this server you should have an invite waiting for you if you're registered on the SWTOR site. Also it should have a flag next to it when you are looking at the list of servers.
Austin116_Karjim Davik Kiang. Crime lord from Taris, former owner of the Ebon Hawk. Fastest little smuggling ship out there.
Palmo a A crime lord from KOTOR?
arkiula a What the fuck is a Davik?
So great news boys and girls, we (finally) have enough registered members with preorders on the SWTOR website so we're actually going to be deployed at launch to the same server. Which means we wont have to coordinate too much on finding each other. I encourage everyone to recruit any real life friends that are playing to help grow a core group that we can quest with.

Getting ready for SWTOR

Palmo a posted Dec 2, 11
This is no longer a website for the Star Trek Online fleet. This is now exclusively for the SWTOR guild. As such I am removing/editing all pages related to Star Trek Online that are not applicable to the new guild. After launch anything that won't fit on the in game guild pages will show up here.
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